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    Need help for my setup

    Hello together,

    first of all excuse my english. But i am not a native speaker.
    I hope your understand my request and can help me to find the best solution for me and my wife.

    We build a new home last year and build in wall speakers in our bathroom and sleeping room. The cables for that are rooted to a single place in our house.
    When we planned our house, the plan was to use something like sonos amp. But after the last month, i found this forum and now my opinion changed.

    I would like to use LMS on my NAS and buy 2 RaspPi for the 2 Zones. For the players i would think PiCoreplayer is the best option?

    The next problem/questions occures should i use HifiBerry AMP2 or is a DAC + separate AMP the better solution?
    The problem with the separate amp would be, how could i turn it on/off. (The RaspPI + AMP should be hidden in our technic room)

    Thanks for your help


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    In your situation, I would:

    - use the HiFiBerry Amp2 bundle: https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/bundl...ry-amp-bundle/
    - run PiCorePlayer on both Raspberry Pi
    - wire both RPi to your router; wireless only if no other option
    - run LMS on your NAS or on one of the RPi
    - store your library on the NAS or on a powered USB hard drive
    - buy a second USB hard drive (no need to be powered) and use as an off-site backup (keep at work, at relative's, in safe deposit box, etc.); develop a routine for monthly backup
    - use Material Skin plugin for remote control (browser, phone, tablet).

    Off-site backup of your music library is critical unless you are only a streamer. One tactic is to buy two portable drives for local backup and swap them monthly to your remote location.

    See also:

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