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    Tidal + LMS+ picoreplayer + mysqueezebox = not working suddenly, need help diagnosing

    I have a setup of 3 raspPis all running picoreplayer in my home, pulling from an LMS server (desktop windows 7pc) all controlled by iPeng. I had, when first setting everything up, setup mysqueezebox.com and everything worked beautifully for more than a year. I changed my Tidal subscription from hifi to just premium, and Tidal stopped working. I can still play music from the server, I can still find the tidal songs through the interface, it just doesn't actually output sound and will kind of skip from track to track.

    I did some searching and it seemed like and LMS setting of "Direct streaming" vs "Proxied streaming" was the solution for some people, but this hasn't worked for me. I'm curious if this is a Tidal problem because of my lower subscription (and if so, i'll probably switch streaming services) or a setting problem on my side.

    The strange part is that it seems like the connection from LMS to Mysqueezebox.com isn't working. I can enter my username and password and it seems to accept it, but then I don't see the devices as "active" through mysqueezebox.com. I've tried the old off/on logout/login with everything to no benefit.

    seems like this thread talks about some of the topics, but without the same issue

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    180 views, no responses... Either I haven't provided some obvious necessary information, or this is as strange to you all as it is to me. I wasn't able to include the link in my last post, but it was from this forum regarding tidal streaming and the same stop/skip back to 0:00, skip to next song, all while not playing any sound, but people solved it via the proxied setting.

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    Maybe try this:

    LMS web gui > My Apps > Tidal > Streaming quality > MP3

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