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    RGB Matrix Clock And Roll

    I'm really not sure if this is of any interest to folks but it was a lot of fun developing it

    I had a couple of Adafruit RGB matrix panels sitting unused so I decided to get my dev on and write a little code to see what I could do with them

    The results can be found here https://github.com/shunte88/rgbclock

    Its written in golang to keep it performative

    The current version displays a nice graphical clock face until a track is played via LMS.

    With a track playing the track details and coverart are displayed

    Its just a bit of fun but hopefully folks find it a useful source of ideas

    Note that the weather data is scraped from the Weather Channel site and cached so that multiple Pi based utilities I've written can share the data. That caching script can be found in another of my repos "clockscroll".

    There's definitly a recurring theme here

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    Updates to the RGB Display

    Just an update on what has been added to the RGB display.

    There's been lots of additions since I last posted

    Hot off the press I've written a streaming event service that broadcasts visualization data using the SSE protocol.

    You can find it my github repo under the Vision On project.

    The nice thing about SSE is its supported by any browser that supports HTML5, so with a little Googling and some Java script you could easily whip up a light-weight front end with fancy VU meters etc. You can also code up a client using just about every modern language out there to do much the same.

    I've just surfaced the same in the RGB display, rather rudimentary as its a first pass proof. Next pass I'll add some more graphical flavors akin to those used in jivelite.

    Again I hope you'll find use of the code in its entirety or for your own projects.

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    That's really cool! 9 of those panels doesn't come cheap though!

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    thanks much, and agreed its not been cheap
    I've bought the panels over a 6 month period retooling the display as more were added
    Currently I'm only using 2x2 configuration, the additional 5 are still on the bench but given the extra real estate needed for analog VU meters they'll be assembled soon.
    Tooled on an SVG analog VU last night, needs a little TLC as performance isn't great when dropped into code but have a solution in the works to address that

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    Analog VU added

    another quick update

    Analog VU are now implemented, the SES services publishes, dB, dBfs and a linear percentile. Should be sufficient to feed any meter flavor.

    Animation is a little blocky here but its way more kinetic in real-time without the overhead of capture on the Pi

    Still a work in progress, but again hope it provides some ideas

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