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    piCorePlayer + hifiberry DAC+ - Squeezelite Randomly Stops

    I've tested on a PI4 with PCP 6.0.0 beta as well as Pi3B+ with PCP 5.0.0 -- in any case with the Hifiberry DAC+ and continuous playback (LMS local content), squeezelite eventually stops running. Usually happens after 12 - 48 hours of continuous playback.

    Running PCP with debug logging (command parameter: squeezelite -n piCorePlayer -o hw:CARD=sndrpihifiberry -a 80 4 1 -d all debug -f /var/log/pcp_squeezelite.log)

    [08:14:15.050636] codec_open:257 codec open: 'a'
    [08:14:15.050654] codec_open:274 closing codec: 'm'
    [08:14:15.050690] faad_open:541 opening mp4 stream
    [08:14:15.050773] stream_sock:486 connecting to
    [08:14:15.051036] stream_sock:563 header: GET /stream.mp3?player=b8:27:eb:cb:5f:c6 HTTP/1.0
    [08:14:15.051055] sendSTAT:189 STAT: STMc
    [08:14:15.051088] process_strm:377 set fade mode: 0
    [08:14:15.051137] process:521 audg
    [08:14:15.051153] process_audg:433 audg gainL: 200 gainR: 200 adjust: 1
    [08:14:15.051200] set_volume:233 setting internal gain left: 200 right: 200
    [08:14:15.106185] stream_thread:247 headers: len: 115
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: Logitech Media Server (7.9.1 - 1522157629)
    Connection: close
    Content-Type: audio/aac
    [08:14:15.106235] sendRESP:220 RESP
    [08:14:15.151841] read_mp4_header:295 type: ftyp len: 28 consume: 28
    [08:14:15.151895] read_mp4_header:295 type: wide len: 8 consume: 8
    [08:14:15.151913] read_mp4_header:236 type: mdat len: 167888 pos: 44
    [08:14:15.151928] faad_decode:373 samplerate: 44100 channels: 2
    [08:14:15.151942] faad_decode:378 setting track_start
    In all cases, it seems to die in exactly the same way, with 'setting track_start' as the last log entry, without indicating much more. From recollection, at least 2 of the cases (maybe all of them) have been on an audio/aac content type.

    Restarting squeezelite (via GUI, init.d restart, or command line), squeezelite comes back up and everything is fine.

    What other info might I be able to log/inspect to get more insight as to what might be happening? Wondering if it's a particular file or set of files that's causing the issue, so I've turned on 'player' logging in LMS so that I can see what particular source files cause the crash.
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