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    LMS 7.9.1 scenario to sync 3 Player - issues......

    .....meanwhile I do have LMS 8.0.0 running on a Synology NAS.

    I can┤t figure out how to run following scenario with two Touch and one SB player:
    Touch A and Touch B should be synchronized and power on/off together.
    SB should be synchronized, but powered on/off separately.

    Settings in LMS:
    Touch A: Synchronize with Touch B & SB -- Power on/off: In Group
    Touch B: Synchronize with Touch A & SB -- Power on/off: In Gruop
    SB: Synchronize with Touch A & B -- Power on/off: separately

    If I am only using Touch A&B all works like expected.
    When in addition I power on "SB C" all works like expected -- BUT for whatever reason when I power off "SB C" the Touch A&B also power off - why??
    What settings are wrong - or do I have to apply the settings in a special order, or is this not possible at all?

    Thanks so much in advance for your support
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    no one can help or reply on this topic?

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