I've got MusicIP server setup on centos box, with LMS running also. I've spent the horsepower saving musicip data into the 80k songs. And now I'm trying to configure plugins to do something useful. I've gotten past the technical hurdles of 64bit inodes, directory names, etc, I can get suggestions directly from the musicip server running, but there's a lot of knobs to tune, and trying to figure out some better docs on what they do to generate something a little less chaotic then Lords of Acid -> Ricky Martin -> Chemical Brothers. (It does seem to sort of work, I pick reggae, I get reggae suggestions, it's not random)

I'm also testing out SugarCube and finding that it seems to generate a bunch of choices, then always picks the first one, and then keeps putting it in the playlist if I scan forward on the song, which does make testing entertaining. Is this normal? (I already spent too much time trying to go through the search function and the 75+ pages here on the forum post)

Hoping to get some people's favorite/default settings they use to listen to music. Any suggestions would be welcome.

(I haven't had a chance to install essentia/musly, they are on my todo list still)