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    Cannot enable Spotty in Nightly 7.9.3

    Edit: Please ignore- I figured out a fix. I'll leave this here for others with the same problem.

    Check Taskmgr and end spotty.exe first.


    Original post

    No matter how many times I check "enable" next to the Spotify for Squeezebox "Still Spotty" plugin I can't get it to enable. It reboots but never gets enabled. Can't see it in the plugin list.

    I have uninstalled LMS entirely (settings and all) and reinstalled. No luck.
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    There still was a spotty.exe running, blocking the update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    There still was a spotty.exe running, blocking the update?
    Yes, I'll give you the steps to replicate:

    I saw there was a pending update for spotty. Haven't done one in a while. Checked the box, clicked apply, it said to restart LMS.

    Upon LMS coming back up, it was missing from My Apps. I saw it on the available 3rd party apps, but when you check it and apply, it prompts a restart of LMS that doesn't do anything.

    I suspect it's because files it's trying to write to are locked / in use if spotty was still running, which it was.

    Ending task manually and reinstalling LMS worked, but now that I know that the task was still running I doubt a reinstall was necessary. By the time I realized the problem I had already uninstalled LMS so that's where I was.
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