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    I've started a thread as a brief intro for any sonos refugees. I haven't published the url at sonos community (!). Any interested parties should find it.

    Any other helpful posts (basic level, I suggest) are welcome from community members.
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    This is the exact same thing as Apple no longer supporting upgrades for a first gen iPad and then those users seem happy enough to upgrade to new models that guarantee forward compatibility.

    And as great as the Squeezebox ecosystem is, let's not forget that Logitech abandoned it way before Sonos stopped providing updates to a few old devices (I don't know and I don't care if they stay somewhat functional for now, not my issue :-D).

    But trying to convert Sonos folk to adopt the Squeezebox ecosystem is probably a pretty doomed effort.

    Most of the market these days is based on:

    1. Bluetooth speakers. Turn them on, and stream music from your smartphone. I should say I abhor their sound and my audiophile is offended, but actually some are quite decent.
    2. Smart speakers + home assistants. Turn them on, they stream music or control your TV and they also happen to spy on your entire household all the time. Big naw from this guy... like never ever.
    3. Sonos. Easy to set up, multi-room and while it's not my cup of tea nor do I think it sounds mind-blowing, hey, clearly many people love it and it does claim a big spot in the market.
    4. Proprietary "high end" audiophile streamers. They can look great and can provide some UI and ease of use benefits, but if they cost more than $2-3k the point eludes me entirely.

    And then there is us in the supposedly dead Squeezebox ecosystem. The advantages are too many to name. But the fact of the matter is that a system that was abandoned by the company championing it and now relies on the goodwill of a dedicated community is unlikely to gain mainstream success.

    I *do* have several friends that have adopted it and love it. Even after Logitech pulled the plug. But I also have friends that did initially, and then one day I show up at their place and they have a Sonos running and look at me like I'll get upset, but I couldn't care less, it's their home and their decision. :-)
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