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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Sargent View Post
    Why on earth are you going to all the effort to rip vinyl and use MP3. That's a lossy format. That means you are purposely throwing away some of the sound from the vinyl. Rip them to FLAC so you will never have to do it again.
    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    Yep +1 Here.

    @cathcam - the thing to keep in mind is you don't know what you don't know - who knows where you will be in 1, 2, 5, 10 years... If you end end up with a higher end system sometime, or even if you get to the point your listening to current system adjusts enough you can tell the difference you will regret not having done lossless originals for your ripping (the ripping an MP3 copy from that).

    Its good if you are saving WAV originals but you should tag these up into FLAC (with 0 lossless compression if desired) then rip your MP3's from that.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
    By the way, if you are comparing the overall loudness of your vinyl to CDs don't forget that it is quite possible that dynamic range compression was applied then the CDs were mastered. Not a good thing. (There is lots written about the loudness wars.)
    Indeed - well said. I never use replay gain or anything for anything - even on secondary or lower end systems. I always seek to play bit perfect and use the integral volume adjustment (analogue or digital) in the particular output device I'm using...
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    RG is bit perfect. That's what's great about it.

    There is virtually no difference between using RG to adjust the volume, or a volume knob on an amp. Same thing, except RG is far more convenient, esp in a random mix.
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