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Trying to set up the Pimoroni Line Out Mini Hat with a Pi 4B running PcP 8.0
I've followed the steps in post #348.

The Pirate audio card plays fine thru squeezekite, but with jivelite, the splash screen "Picoreplayer - red white and black" flashes briefly before going back to the console output - ending in "a large offset between 1970 and now is normal".
I seem to remeber this behavior happening with other displays, but I can't remember how to fix it.
I've tried changing /dev/fb1 to /dev/fb0 but is exactly the same...
Any help appreciated.
All good. I downloaded a fresh copy of 8.0 and all worked.
I'm not sure what the issue was, but I was using an 8.0 SD card from a few weeks ago.
Maybe it was 64bit version and that was the problem.
Anyway enjoying the little screen.

New question!
I remeber in other skins there was the option to choose just artwork or artwork and scrolling info (and just info?).
Is that possible on the 240x240 (just artwork?).

Thanks all.
Matt Walker