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    Pi for Headphones Only

    I am thinking about setting up a headphones onlyTouch style player. Trying to avoid too much in the box or separate power supplies so I am considering following equip:
    - Pi 3B+ with touch screen
    - piCorePlayer software
    - JustBoom HAT DAC

    Keeping it simple by running right off the headphone jack on the JustBoom. My questions:
    - If anybody runs this combo, do these choices 'play well together'? I don't mind some troubleshooting but want to able to get this up and running without too much fuss.
    - Any reviews of the headphone output on the JustBoom? I have a decent set of Sony headphones and I'm considering picking up the mid range Grado 125s, the JustBoom lists the output at 138mW - I'm thinking this will be decent set up
    - I plan to keep the volume control on the software side to start - specs read "Fully integrated hardware volume mixing via “alsamixer” or any ALSA compatible application" - not really familiar with this, is this integrated into pCP?
    - Any better options for HAT DAC with headphone output section?

    Thanks to the group for any feedback.

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    Should work just fine.....All of the justboom stuff is compatible
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    The headphone jack/amp on the justboom dac is average in my experience.

    I have two and both have pops in the headphones sometimes and changing the volume produces static.

    That being said using the RCA jacks to a headphone amp is brilliant.

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    This has a headphone out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post

    This has a headphone out
    I've an IQaudIO Pi-DAC Pro, (subjectivity alert!) the headphone amp is really good when paired with in ear sennheisers - so good I had to do a reality check comparing/matching other bits of kit. It drives the sennheisers much better than Denon AH-D7200s, for the larger cans I use a dedicated headphone amp.
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    For a time I was using a Pi Zero WH running piCorePlayer without a HAT to play via Bluetooth headphones. Worked pretty well once I'd configured the BT. It's a cheap option if you already have BT headphones.

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    Thanks for the suggestions - closer review shows the IQaudIO and the JustBoom use the headphone out chip. I found a third choice that also looks nearly identical - the Inno HAT DAC. The IQaudIO seemed to be out of stock everywhere and the Inno had free shipping and readily available on Amazon so I went with it. All the bits should be here in a few days - should be fun little winter project.

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    why not use USB out into an audioquest dragonfly. should sound much better than any hat.
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