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    Quote Originally Posted by sodface View Post
    I haven't tried with the latest, just git as of 6 days ago when I opened the issue. Since he commented that he hadn't had a chance to look at the redraw issue, I kind of assumed any commits since then wouldn't help, unless by accident. I can try again. Yes, I rebuilt the dependencies against sdl12-compat too when I was testing.

    The workspace switch redraw delay I'm seeing is long. I think a couple times I've seen it finally display jivelite without me doing anything but most of the time I have to press a key to force the redraw.

    What WM are you testing with? Do you think that matters? I tested with bspwm and herbstluftwm and both acted the same way.
    Several of the changes since your fix was applied seem to be related to rendering. I'm using fvwm2 on the debian system, which I know doesn't help you.

    I also created a build of squeezeplay for macos using sdl12-compat to see if there's a similar behaviour to what you're seeing, but again, no issues with redraw.

    The source code I'm using for the sdl dependencies; SDL_gfx-2.0.15, SDL_image-1.2.5 and SDL_ttf-2.0.11 are from my squeezeplay sources and in most cases are not the latest releases.

    I've had display problems in the past after updating them to the latest versions, so I've stuck with what works on all the platforms for which I provide binaries.
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