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    The cleaning goes also very well with some washing powder and water. I have managed to make the knobs of my radios almost perfect.

    Here's a helpfull video:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaytanic View Post
    The cleaning goes also very well with some washing powder and water. I have managed to make the knobs of my radios almost perfect.

    Here's a helpfull video:

    +1. I have not tackled my Touch remote yet, but I have used washing soda (which is different than baking soda) successfully to remove the sticky residue on other rubberized plastic pieces.

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    My remote went the same way. I threw it out since I have only ever used a Logitech Harmony remote with my Touch.

    The SB3 (Classic) remote has never suffered in the same way though so must be made of a longer lasting material.

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    Not for remotes, but here's a guy on EBay selling 3D-printed new knobs for the Radio: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neue-Dreh...kAAOSwNp1bxJ6G
    LMS 8.0.1 (1606118512)
    Control: Web GUI; sometimes OrangeSqueeze on Android phones / pads

    Machines / devices are in France, in two locations.
    a) Livebox 4
    Internal HDD (FLAC music; mp3 voice), Desktop
    3 x Touch - 2 wireless, 1 LAN. (7.8.0-r16754)
    3 x SB Radios [2 wireless, 1 LAN] (7.7.3-r16676)
    1 x Riva Arena (via Airplay LMS PlugIn)

    b) Freebox
    External SSD (all mp3), WiFi Laptop
    1 x Touch LAN (Firmware:7.8.0-r16754)
    2 x SB Radios, Wireless (7.7.3-r16676)

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    I suggest this general topic (cleaning old devices and replacement parts) is a candidate for inclusion in the wiki.
    Paul Webster
    Author of "Now Playing" plugins covering Radio France (FIP etc), KCRW, Supla Finland, ABC Australia, CBC/Radio-Canada and RTE Ireland

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    I bought two used SB Touch devices last year. Both had sticky remotes. I put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and wiped them and that did the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Percival Sweetwater View Post
    I just did my second one today. It's best to take it apart. This can be fiddly, but there are eight 'snaps' holding the thing together. I got a good thumbnail between the front and back parts, and managed to get one apart. I could then get a spudger in there and get the rest to pop. I think someone has put some pictures of the positions of these snaps somewhere on this forum.
    When you get it apart, rub the top part with a soft cloth soaked in Propan-2-ol (Isopropanol), and a lot of elbow grease. Don't use Acetone (nail varnish remover); that will remove the text and leave the surface looking horrible.
    Eventually it will all come off. Also, I scraped a lot of the stuff off first with a thumbnail. Finally, give it a wash with some dish soap, dry it, and give it a good polish. Good as new!
    This ^ worked for me. Hardly ever use the Logitech Remote (I programed my Harmony remote to the Touch), but thought I'd try to remove the sticky stuff from the Logitech remote
    Used 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. First tried to get in between the buttons with a q-tip (as the Isopropyl wouldn't hurt any electronics inside), but that didn't get all of the 'stuff'
    Then read your post about the face only being held on with clips (thanks), and popped it off.

    Looks like new now:
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    On one thread someone said use Silicon remover. Leave it over night then wash off. Not tried it yet.. but may give it a go!

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    Just performed this clean-up. Rubbing alcohol worked well.

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