I am running LMS 7.9 with the Qobuz plugin. All was well until a few weeks ago when I started having total dropouts when playing back Qobuz playlsists. They only last for a second or two and happen every couple of minutes (varying, not periodic). It does not happen if I am playing Qobuz playlists directly on my Mac, suggesting it is an issue related to Wifi coverage (playback is via UPnP and using Squeezepad as a controller).

I can't think of anything in the house that could suddenly have started disrupting things and have tried turning several appliances etc. off to no avail.
I did change the Mac OS to Catalina a few weeks back - would this have anything to do with it ?

Qobuz version is
JS version5.3.0-b009
Desktop version5.3.0-b005

Any ideas where can start to look for the source of the problem ?