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    Classical Music tagging from Discogs - script offer

    I've spend some effort on a perl script to tag classical flac albums from Discogs. There is a large amount of high quality classical releases on Discogs, often for larger releases.
    See this for example

    I've tried tagging software on Linux - beets, picard, puddletag - there was always something missing to what I needed. So I've wrote my own script.

    Script has the following features:
    1. uses discogs release number (--get)
    2. works with album directory, including multi volume (--set)
    3. defaults to display mode, update needs to be forced (--update yes)
    4. populates a set of classical tags
      1. Composer
      2. Multi Artist
      3. Work
      4. Title
      5. Album
      6. Track no
      7. Year
      8. Label
      9. Label Catalog No.
      10. Discogsid
      11. Genre
    5. renames files using trackno.work-title
    6. handles index and headings for composition identification
    7. handles credits at index or credits section of discogs
    8. handles multi volume sets when tracks numbers are as per discogs spec, example 1-2, 1-2...5-1,5-2 etc.
    9. assigns custom roles if required, for example, piano role of Vladimir Ashkenazy is written as Ashkenazy Vladimir (pf)
    10. formats Artist names as Lastname Firstname, except for some roles as orchestra, chorus, ensemble

    There are number of limitations:
    1. processes only flac
    2. runs on linux, although should run with some changes on windows
    3. original tracks require 2 tags : track number and volume
    4. multi volume files need to be split into sub directories either named "CD number" or "VOL number"
    5. csv file to translate discogs roles to custom roles

    This script is by no means complete, it relies on standardised discogs releases. At times I found myself correctng discogs releases to get my script working, for example adding "composed by" credit (why would anybody miss that for classical music ?).
    I still use puddletag to finish the tagging, especially for Genre, Album Name and Opera (discogs standard for Opera is not what I use), but majority of time consuming tags are correct.

    Script is not modular as LMS perl is and is far, far from professional coding standards. It's mostly hard coded as I find it easier to adjust to ever changing discogs and my needs.

    If there is an interest, I can share the script with LMS community, especially classical users might find it useful, familiarity with perl is pretty much required.
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