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    piCorePlayer + Wolfson DAC Card

    I have a Raspberry PI (B Rev 2 I believe) with a Wolfson DAC Card mounted on the PI.
    I wish to install piCorePlayer with the output from the Line-Out of the Wolfson DAC Card.
    I've successfully installed piCorePlayer 5.0.0 with output from the PI Headphone socket and via a USB DAC.
    However, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining an output from the Wolfson Card Line-Out or Headphone socket.
    I have selected the Cirrus Logic Card option as the Audio Output Device option and tried various Squeezelite Output settings - all unsuccessful in obtaining an output
    Pressing the "Card Control" button does not give any options. I expected options to direct the audio output to Line-Out, Headphone, HDMI, etc.
    Squeezelite is running and the piCorePlayer option is visible from LMS
    Any help in successfully running my PI+Wolfson will be much appreciated - Thanks.

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    you have to wait for a couple of minutes (at least) for the Squeezelite page to fully populate


    You might have to switch to "beta" mode
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    Wolfson/cirrus logic

    Hi startroamin

    Very recently I verified the gui installation with pcp V6B7, and all support is working without tweaks or CLI work.
    I do switch to beta right away with any new install, so I might not have seen any issue in the other levels.

    Do not overlook the button to install the support scripts, after choosing the card and a first reboot.
    So go back after and verify the driver is selected.
    Only with the scripts installed the buttons to select the output channels are displayed.

    I do not own a wolfson and compatible pi, but I am quite confident the support is working since 3.2
    The old thread:

    Regards M-H
    Pi based multi-room audio system powered by PiCorePlayer(s):
    Pi3B with Phat-dac in a Rasptouch, 2 pi B+ with Cirrus Logic Audio Card, Pi Zero with Phat-beat , and a few other tests...

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