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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnee View Post
    Hi guys, could use some help here.

    I moved LMS from a RPi to a Debian Buster LXC which, overall, is a big improvement:
    - scrolling/searching tracks is much faster
    - BT pairing on the zero also is much faster and playback is more in sync
    - the main RPi with LCD has some hiccups and rebooting doesn't influence LMS/playback anymore

    The only thing is that I have some issues with file permissions and I'm not a Linux expert at all.
    - I cannot save playlists from squeezer or the LMS web UI
    - syncing the music folder with Syncback or Robocopy from my desktop towards the SMB share works but Robocopy prompts as if the files are new, even if they already exist.

    My setup is a Proxmox server with a LXC which runs Debian Buster, Samba and LMS.
    The share is on a bindmounted host HD.

    Any progress ?

    I have been running LMS on a Proxmox Ubuntu 16.04 VM with zero permissions issues ... I do not have SAMBA running...please let us know your resolution to this ..

    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.2 - 1576909043 @ Sat Dec 21 07:43:49 CET 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnee View Post
    To be able to assign permissions to multiple users...
    You don't need a new group for that, you already have the samba user's group to work with (which should be owning 0_Playlists). See post #4

    Quote Originally Posted by Roland0
    DId you set the SGID bit on the folder?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rnee View Post
    No, have to look into this: you've explained 2 ways and I'm eager to know what the right way is.
    afaik I've explained it once in post #4:
    Quote Originally Posted by Roland0
    Anyway, the simplest approach is to make 0_Playlists group writeable and and set the SGID bit on it (chmod 2775 0_Playlists), then add the user LMS is running as (ususally squeezeboxserver) to the group owning 0_Playlists (usermod -aG < 0_Playlists owning group> squeezeboxserver)
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