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    Various Artists not working as expected


    I searched this forum for multiple artist behaviour when displaying album lists (in my case: new music list), but I found nothing pertaining to the following behavior.

    Question is: Why do same tagging schemes lead to different ways of display?

    Case 1: Album has 2 songs with different artist each (Xiu Xiu and Devendra Banhart).

    In the new music list, album artist is shown as Devendra Banhart while excpected display in new music list would be "Various Artists" (German: "Diverse Interpreten").

    Tags seem to be correct: individual artist tags per song, no albumartist tag.

    Also, note that the songs are not trailed with individual artist name.

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    Case 2: Album has more than 2 songs, 2 artists in total (Jana Hunter and Devendra Banhart).

    In the new music list, album artist, is (correctly) shown as Various Artists ("Diverse Interpreten").

    Tags seem to be correct: individual artist tags per song, no albumartist tag.

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    Regards, Till

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    I'm not sure I follow u, what ur doing and or what u expect, but b4 I continue, I want to know:

    Do u have explicit TPE2 tags on everything?

    Do u have LMS set to treat TPE2 as album artist during scans?
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    Just an idea: did you do a full rescan after changing/adding these tags?
    I did have similar behavior of songs that were already in my library which, after being tagged (correctly), still didn't show up correctly.
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    FWIW I have found LMS database does not always ‘clear’ it’s cache properly when you just scan for changes - for these type of matters (e.g. removing incorrect tag from a various artists ‘album artist’ tag, so it is blank) you need to do the option to ‘clear library and rescan its entirety from scratch’ (rather than just the scan for new or updated files/music).

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    Various Artists not working as expected

    Quote Originally Posted by ze_kink View Post
    exact problem I had today - looking for a solution
    It should work after “clear and rescan” as I understood.
    Please tell us if so or if not.

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