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    Cheap Pi DAC option

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure what hardware others are using, but in case anyone has been looking for cheap options for new player setups I thought i'd share a nice cheap option I've been using with good results.

    I've been using on a raspberry pi with a cheap DAC from Aliexpress ($6.50 USD)

    The DAC's not plug and play on a raspberry pi, however I found the pin info I needed here (listed below for reference in case that site disappears at some point). Once it's connected to the right pins you can treat it like a basic HiFiBerry DAC (it's the same chip) in things like PiCorePlayer

    All in all once set up, I've been really impressed with the sound quality - it's much better than I expected for the price and more than good enough for my general around the house listening. There is no niceties like onboard volume control etc, but LMS handles this anyway for me so it's not a problem.

    If you already have a Pi, it's a significant improvement in sound quality for a bargain price.

    Pins for Raspberry Pi B

    Vcc 5v 1 P2
    3.3v 3.3v Not connected (although original instructions said Pin 2, P2)
    GND gnd 6 P1
    FLT gnd 7 P2
    DMP gnd 8 P2
    SCL SCL 5 P1
    BCK)BCK 3 P2
    DIN Data 6 P2
    LCK LCK 4 P2
    FMT gng 14 P1
    XMT 3.3v 1 P1

    Pins for Raspberry Pi B+ /2B/3B

    Vcc 5v 2
    3.3v 3.3v Not connected (although original instructions said Pin 1)
    GND gnd 39
    FLT gnd 14
    DMP gnd 20
    SCL SCL 5
    BCK BCK 12
    DIN Data 40
    LCK LCK 35
    FMT gnd 30
    XMT 3.3v 17

    (Also make sure the that DIN, LCK, BCK wires are kept as short as possible., to avoid audio degradation)

    I haven't tried the below, but I did find this comment about setting up on an Orange Pi if anyone uses those.
    Works well with Orange PI PC. Power it with 5v (VCC pad) keep 3v3 pad unconnected. (Board has an regulator which powers the 5102 . The chip logic is 3v3 tie XMT to gnd and FMT to 3v3 (for i2s) Use the 3 wire interface (leave SCL unconnected) DIN -> PA20 LCK -> PA18 BCK -> PA19
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    Sorry Mods - I meant to post this in the 3rd party hardware section. Please feel free to move.

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    I have one working on an Orange Pi One using the OS in this thread: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-ba...nge-dac-4.html

    Vcc 5v 2
    3.3v 3.3v Not connected
    GND gnd 39
    FLT gnd 14
    DMP gnd 20
    SCL SCL 5 (possibly doesn't need connected?)
    BCK PA19 27
    DIN PA20 37
    LCK PA18 28
    FMT gnd 30
    XMT 3.3v 17 (this is a mute pin, 0v = mute, 3.3v = unmute)

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    Thanks for posting this!
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