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    Aroiodac on picorplayer 6.1

    I have a problem with my setup:
    Picoreplayer 6.1 installation
    LMS on a Rpi3
    Squeezelite on a Rpi4 with a Aroiodac DAC
    I have choosen the Hifiberry DAC+ pro as soundcard and itís eorking fine when iím playing 16 bit//44.1 kHz but if i chance to a flac file with 24 bit/192 kHz the audio output is missing, but if i reboot the Rpi4 with the Aroiodac itís playing fine until I change flac resolution.
    I have tried with Volumio and there is no problem, do any one in this forum any idea how to fix this problem.

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    Do not select the pro version, that requires special hardware. Just use the plain hifiberry, or just the generic i2s dac
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    There are only one option that should cover all versions, i had one time where it was working but not any more. I can see that itís not changing the crystal on the dac, so it most be a software problem.
    Is there any that have an idea?
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