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    Touch hangs at Choose Language after reset

    Today I could not my Touch to play music. It would not connect to my library. I restarted the Windows 10 desktop that runs LMS and contains my library. That did not help so I decided to do a factory reset on the Touch. When I did that I get to Choose Language and when I touch English (or any other language) it beeps like normal when making a selection on the display, but nothing happens. It does not progress to next selection. Any ideas appreciated.

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    If using WiFi try Ethernet.
    If that then works then there is a chance that your WiFi card has reached End of Life or power supply is failing or neighbour making the WiFi to difficult on the channel it is using or ...
    Paul Webster
    Author Radio France (FIP etc) plugin

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    Thank you for the reply Paul. I had thought to try Ethernet when I returned home last night but didn't get a chance until today. I have an Almond range extender with LAN ports that I moved near the SB and connected with Ethernet cable. Did another factory reset via button on back of SB and it worked! I don't think any neighbors are near enough to steal WiFi signal so perhaps the WiFi card is expiring. That's a shame as I have been using the SB wirelessly for a long time.

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    Thanks for the links Fizbin. Looks like this may be the beginning of the end for more than my SBT. I have never updated the firmware on my unit so if (when) this recurs I will try the Home button on remote.

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