Just sharing experience here if anyone is interested. For years I have been sourcing my music from Amazon. In the early days I was buying cds and ripping them but after showing experimentally that I can't differentiate between flac and mp3, I have been buying mp3 files for download. There have been a few problems with Amazon along the way, every so often they mess around with their software which becomes Linux unfriendly and I can't listen to the sample tracks on my Mint desktop, which is irritating though not currently an issue. More irritating is the lack of proper cataloguing which makes searching for specific albums or works pretty much hit or miss with zillions of duplicates and weird price discrepencies apparent.

For these reasons I have been looking for alternative suppliers and stumbled on 'Presto'. It seems to be well catalogued, in many cases cds, flac and mp3 are available and digital album notes are also quite common. I have used it for classical music so far and it has worked well but a cursory look through their jazz catalogue looks reasonably promising.

I have no connection with Presto, just bringing it to peoples attention.