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good question,
everything was installed and running smoothly (KODI & LMS 7.9.1)
then i did an apt update/upgrade, followed by an upgrade of LMS 7.9.2 via dpkg -i LMS7.9.2.deb
which lead to the issue
This would imply that LMS was using port 9090 and Kodi was running and NOT using port 9090 as Kodi does not have an automatic method to find an alternative to 9090. Both LMS & Kodi seemed to have provided the required functionality. The problem only became apparent after LMS was updated probably due to a change in the startup order.

If that is the case, it seems Kodi port 9090 is not required for "normal" operations but is used by other application (e.g. Kore remote control) some of them may only support 9090.

This means anybody using Kodi and LMS on the same system may have incompatibility problems depending on the mix of plugins/addons/apps for LMS & Kodi.