For a DIY project (squeezebox radio with Screen based on Raspberry 3 + 4" Screen + Phat Beat with PicorePlayer & Jivelite ) I bought an hyperpixel screen.
Unfortunately this screen needs all the GPIOs of my Raspberry so that I can't plug the Phat Beat.

Since I have a Pi Zero left (without wifi nor Ethernet) I am looking for a solution based on this raspberry pi Zero before looking for a more expansive solution.

I know that PI Zero support USB on the go (OTG Mode)
=> I was wondering if there was something possible thanks to this OTG capability.
Is it possible to connect the Pi Zero (with the Phat Beat on its GPIO) through USB to the Pi 3, both running PicorePlayer and to have the pi zero recognised as an USB DAC by the Pi 3 ?

After some search I am not very optimistic but who knows.. ? ;-)

Any Idea ?

Many Thanks