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    Two Touch units, same issue with both...MAC

    My touch has trouble seeing my Mac, even though it's on.

    I thought that my Touch was getting old and bought a backup unit on eBay for 50 bucks (no power cord or remote) so I grabbed it. The 'newer' unit does the same thing.

    I walk over and turn it on, it says it can't connect to my Mac and tells me to make sure that the Mac is on. I just keep hitting "My Music" a few times and eventually they hook up. The Mac is upstairs.

    When I walk away from the Mac, I simply hit sleep. I've done this for years on a PC and the Touch ALWAYS found it and had no trouble connecting. Sometimes they hook up on the first try, sometimes not. It's not the end of the world, but is there an easy fix?

    Any ideas?

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    WOL settings.
    Chris :)

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    OK, so I did a bit of reading and this is what I came up with...


    "There is no configuration needed, Squeezebox will send the WoL magic packet automatically. If the Squeezebox can't find a running SqueezeCenter on the network when trying to connect, pressing power on the IR remote, or the Power Button on the front of your player, will issue a WoL magic packet to be sent to the last SqueezeCenter it was connected to. When you press power and Squeezebox is sending out the WoL packet you will see 'Waking up SqueezeCenter' or 'Connecting to SqueezeCenter' on the display."

    Pressing either power button on my touch (or remote) only shuts the whole thing down.

    I'll keep digging.
    Any additional suggestions?

    PS. My set up is wireless.

    Just found this...

    Does WoL work over a wireless network?
    Yes and no. The WoL magic packet can be sent over a wireless network with no problem. For it to actually wake a sleeping computer, however, that computer must be connected to some part of the network via ethernet. This is because the ethernet card stays partially powered up when WoL is enabled, listening for WoL packets. The same is not true for wireless cards; they are completely powered down when a computer is asleep, and thus cannot receive any incoming packets.

    It SOUNDS as though I could run an ethernet between the MAC and the Router to solve this. Does that sound right?
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    What age is your Mac and what version of Mac OS is it running?

    Newer Macs (later than 2012 maybe) support WoL over wifi, check in System Preferences/Energy Saver, if one of the options there is "Wake for Wi-Fi network access" then it supports WoL over wifi, not sure what the option is labelled if it doesn't support it.

    You can get utilities that will send the Magic packet for WoL to your Mac to test it, I think Fing for iPhone is one of them, a quick search of the net will reveal other options. Maybe you can use one of these to test waking the Mac and then connecting the touch to LMS to prove if the issue is specific to the Touch waking the Mac from sleep.

    In your first post you state the touch cannot see the Mac even though it is on, but then say you sleep the Mac, If you do not "sleep" the Mac does the Touch find LMS immediately and reliably?

    Also one thing you've not eliminated is the PSU for the touch, I assume as your purchase was unit only (no remote or Power cord) you are using the same PSU for both Touch's, although not sure if a flaky PSU would cause this issue.

    Hope this helps


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