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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Do you have any home automation connected to LMS?
    No. I think the closest to home automation would be my Philips Hue bridge, but it's not connected to LMS.

    Here's my LMS installation manual (German / English mix):

    The .XMLs for Multi Library and Custom Browse are "just there" in the Playlists folder, everything else is from scratch.

    1. Install QLMS
    2. Squeezebox-Server einrichten.txt

    I always install it exactly like that.
    QLMS 8.0.0@2.10.06 x64 (digimaster) with perl 5.28 dedicated to me. :D / QNAP 469L QTS 4.3.4

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    I too am seeing the same error in my log files. Has anyone had any further thoughts regarding this error?


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    Just looking further at this it seems to occur when the server is restarted and Squeezelite-X is trying to reconnect to the server. If I exit Squeezelite-X and restart the server then no problem occurs. Would others concur?

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