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    SB Receiver - slow-blinking red LED and not appearing on Controller menu

    My SB Receiver's LED has gone from the usual white (brighter when playing) to slow-blinking red.

    According to http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.ph...button_and_LED that means it's waiting to to be set up. (Quite why it stopped working as normal in the first place is a mystery.)

    However, it's now not appearing on my controller's "Choose Player" menu (either as the name I gave it or the factory-set name), so I'm at a loss how to go about setting it up again.

    I have tried pressing the front button, both briefly and holding it for periods of between a couple of seconds and over 30s, and dis/re-connecting the power cable, but the LED remains stubbornly slow-blinking red.

    My wifi is working fine, and other SB receivers I have are working ok on the same network.

    Help please!

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    I'd try long pressing the front button until you get a fast red blink and then release the button and it should drop back to the slow red blink. The factory reset the controller - Settings -> Advanced settings -> then something like restore factory settings. It will ask you language for starters and somewhere it will ask about registering which you can skip if you've already registered for mysqbox.com. Eventually you can select the receiver which will show up by its MAC address. When you select the receiver the controller will transfer your network credential info that you should have provided earlier in the setup process. Good luck!
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