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    Echo as LMS Player - new service "Roomskills MyMusic" Testers needed


    I have setup a new service to allow to play your own LMS music on Echo devices and Alexa enabled Sonos devices.
    It is working well now for me and I would like go to the public and for this I am looking for testers, that are interested in testing the service.

    The service is based on the Logitech Media Server (LMS), so I guess here are most people using the LMS already and you are almost ready to go. You find a guideline on the how at


    or in German at


    If you want to test it, register at


    You will get a 4 week premium package anyhow after registration. If you send me an email to


    and let me know, that you want to test the service, I will setup your account with 6 month premium and will add you to the list of testers, so you get access to the Alexa skill. Please send me feedback or a short info about your experiences also to


    The service includes

    - Play your own music library on Echo devices
    - easy to remember voice commands to select and play the music (details can be looked at under https://www.roomskills.com/en/help/mymusic_echo/)
    - Nice design on Echo Display devices

    Thank you

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