I seem to have a new issue

I have two SB3 players synced together, I have Slimserver installed on Ubuntu Linux x64 on an Intel NUC running ESXi. I am playing exclusively FLAC files. The two players are hardwired across GB ethernet, and pings to both players and server are a 100% solid 1ms response time with no drops.

When I have the players synced, and one player is off, I've suddenly started to get jumps in the music, every 20-30 seconds. Tiny jumps, not gaps, but enough to be noticeable. If I disable sync, the problem goes away.

All has worked perfectly for...well...years. But I've now started to get this problem.

I don't know if there's a link or not, but I am getting nightlies every couple of weeks (manually) so I don't know if this relates to a recent nightly. I know there is a setting in the GUI to control how far the music is allowed to drift, but if only one of the synced players is switched on then that shouldn't matter.


Many thanks.