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    LMS dying and restarting every 5 secs (7.9.2, Debian 10 i386)

    Just newly installed Debian 10.2 minimal (no desktop) system, and LMS 7.9.2. Realising that LMS GUI service wasn't responding either from LAN device, or from localhost, checking the log reveals LMS is reporting "Logitech Media Server died. Restarting." This same log entry occurs every 5 seconds, even an hour or so after boot and starting LMS. i imagine that the lack of LMS GUI is purely due to LMS dropping out and restarting.

    There are no entries in syslog, other than the initial systemd note that LMS is starting. (There are only a couple or so more entries in syslog after that, but just to do with other (non LMS) remnants from the boot process. Syslog on this machine is silent after the initial system startup is complete.)

    Server is a 32bit Atom processor with 512 MB RAM, and swap; Debian 10 minimum system requirements (in this non-desktop configuration) are 256 MB ram, plus swap. Disc space is 150 GB. The only services running are LMS and SSH(d).

    Server is wired, static IP, fully functioning, and on same LAN segment as other servers, client machines, and the SB players. On this LAN segment there is also our existing SBS v7.5 (different IP address, of course), to which the players (Duet, and Touch) are communicating. I've installed this new LMS because our existing SBS won't run some updated plug-ins and I'm hoping a newer system will restore the capabilities. I hope to simply be able to tell the players to 'switch library' and look at a different SBS/LMS.

    The new LMS is not yet configured/settings, because I haven't been able to reach it.

    Does anyone have any ideas why LMS might be stalling? At this stage, I'm not sure whether I've hit a Debian 10 problem, or an architecture problem due to the two LMS/SBS on the same segment, or a minimal processor config problem, or anything else, really.

    Be grateful for any thoughts.

    regards, Atlantic
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