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Thread: No Tidal on LMS

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    No Tidal on LMS

    Tidal does not syncronize to my LMS streamer. The LMS server says that the username/password are inccorrect. However i can login to mysqueezebox ad add Tidal there. What am i doing wrong?
    * I have a Tidal account
    * I have a mysqueezebox.com account and i can login to the site
    * i cannot login via LMS with the same credentials

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    No Tidal on LMS

    > * i cannot login true LMS with the same credentials

    Make sure you're running the latest LMS version. There has been an issue
    with some characters that I fixed a few weeks ago.



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    Tried changing the password also, but that did not solve the problem. Still the same error shows in the LMS software.

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