I currently use SB2/3s with both the old style Slimdevices remote and the newer "candy bar" Logitech remote. Recently I "lost" my SDT screensaver display. I made online searches, checked LMS settings and did much fiddling with the buttons on the remote. I finally found that, with the SB off, pushing the up or down button of the remote brought the SDT display back. GREAT, I had my screensaver back!!

But I have a question. I also found that if I pressed the up or down button multiple times, 8 to be exact, that I would get 4 lit displays and 4 blank screens; interestingly, while 3 of the lit displays were the same 1 display had different sunrise/sunset times and rain chance percentage. So I have a question. What is the screen displaying when I am pressing the up/down remote key when the SB is turned off? Does anyone know?