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    New Music: display quirk?

    I added some music to my server this AM.

    Each tag was updated to make sure it would appear at the top of the New Music folder.

    Interesting observation:

    Immediately after the scan, the new music appeared in the New Music link for the classic Squeezebox server interface as you might expect.

    However, later on, maybe an hour later, all the new music had vanished, replaced by what was previously the "newest" music.

    I'm sure it's some sort of setup issue. I recently completely reinstalled Squeezebox to get away from a RAM drive. Of course, it works fine without the RAM drive but I haven't spent years pouring over all the setup options like I did prior to the reinstall.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    Maybe this has something to do with daylight savings time? I haven't scanned since the states reverted to standard time.

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    Check the scan details. Chances are you don't have scans or your library quite set up right?
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