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    No player/audio out on Android ? Expert help needed

    I have Logitech Media Server and Squeezeplayer installed on an Odroid XU4 running DietPi, and followed the following guides:


    ... and more

    Playback works perfectly and quickly while on local network.

    In short, forwarded ports 9000, 9090 and 3483 to internal IP address running LMS, set up DDNS, checked LMS setting to allow incoming connections etc.

    On Android devices I do this:

    Run SqueezePlayer - here, it says "Connection: Wifi Connecting ...", it never actually says connected - this could be related to the problem ?

    Anyway, I then click "Start App" from Squeezeplayer and go into e.g. OrangeSqueeze

    It immediately connects to my LMS through the DDNS address (from a 4G mobile connection), displays all libraries etc, correctly

    On OrangeSqueeze start, there is a notification that it has created a player called "DietPi-Squeezelite"

    If I go back to SqueezePlayer app, I can also go to settings from initial screen, the tool icon, click player name and it suggests a player name that corresponds to the Android device name, THIS player name does not show up in e.g. OrangeSqueeze however

    Only the "DietPi-Squeezelite" player shows up in OrangeSqueeze or Squeezer however, and selecting this causes no audio output on the Android device

    Squeezeplayer only connects (or says "Connecting.....") to the DDNS if I specify port 9090, it's supposed to be 9000 isn't it, could this be related to the problem ?

    In short, problem is, I have followed all setup guides, tried both my Huawei pad and my Galaxy S8, but can not from remote connections get any audio out from the internal speaker of the Android device

    Another thing maybe worth mentioning: on mysqueezebox.com, it lists all players, including the Android devices, but under "name" it is greyed out and says something like "To change this name, connect player to mysqueezebox.com". How would I do this ?

    Please help me, this is an essential function!

    Thank you very much

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    Are you trying to connect remotely? Access has been restricted due to malicious persons gaining control of Squeezeboxes and playing music at very loud volumes and at different times. (Yes, people do that and it happened to me). You should not forward the ports any longer and if remote access is required then connect via VPN.

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    I've kept reading that, shouldn't this not be a problem as long as LMS is password protected ? And also, could anyone then please point me in the direction of instructions of how to use the VPN method ? I don't know if I can even use it, I ALWAYS use a VPN (privateinternetaccess.com), so another VPN to the server somehow, my technical knowledge atm I don't know how it would work.

    Anyway, fixed my original problem, it was a simple typo in my config, Squeeze Player Android app now allows me to use Orangesqueeze and Squeezer to remotely via 3g/remote wifi play from my home LMS!!

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    If you are already connecting to your server via VPN then stop port forwarding and see if you are still able to connect.

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    I think we're talking about two different types of VPN. I'm using privateinternetaccess.com for encryption/geolocation between ISP and everywhere else. My router has some VPN settings in it, I think that's what you're talking about ?

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