I bought a bunch of the Squeezebox apps (Squeeze Controller, Squeeze Player, Squeezer) because I thought they would let me use - my Windows PC from a non-local network - or my Android phone to play music through 4G mobile network or another wifi network from my home Logitech Media Server (installed and working completely when playing from an Odroid xu4 on local IP address) with audio output then coming from the Android.

I have done the following:

Set up a DDNS in the router. This works both locally and remotely.

Opened port forwarding ports 9000, 9090, and 3483, forwarded to the xu4 at home network where LMS is installed.

I have set up the DDNS etc. in all apps.

I can be on 4G mobile network on my Android, start Squeeze Player, click on Orange Squeeze for example, and it will bring up correctly the music listings and everything from my Logitech Media Server.

The problem is this: I can not figure out how to specify the Android device (or the Windows PC) as the audio output player, I can only choose my Chromecast Audio at the home network (same network as Logitech Media Server).

On my sque ezebox . com (sorry for spaces, with 0 post count I'm not allowed to post links), the Android devices are listed under "Players". There, the rename field is greyed out and says "To rename this Squeezebox, please connect it to mysqueezebox.com". Does this indicate the problem ? How do I do that ? Even though the Android devices ARE listed under mys queezeb ox . com, when I go to my ddns, only my two home network players are listed.

Can you help please ?

TL;DR: I need to know how to play music from my home Logitech Media Server to an Android device with audio output from the Android device on 4G mobile network or remote wifi network with the Android device playing the audio. It does not show up as a player. Everything else, music folders etc., shows up, it's just specifying the Android device as the audio output player I can't figure out how to do.

Thank you.