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I have struggled getting the correct date for all my singles. (60s and 70s) Using musicbrainz got coverart, but then the year was usually the date of the compilation album's creation, not the actual single's release year. Had Sonny and Cher released in 1997 etc. I saw what was happening, and have found no automatic solution, so I have started a manual tagging process, Proper tagging takes time, but I believe the process is worth it with large collections with many genres etc. Currently I am using Puddletag but have started looking at Kid3.
Dates are an issue for albums as well.
If I put the 1994 Remaster of DSOTM into a ripper it will tell me that the date is 1994 - which is sort of correct but in my world its 1973 and always has been so I end up changing it to 1973 but naming the album "DSOTM (1994 Remaster)" which then causes issues with MAI not necessarily finding its album review. In this day and age we really need 2 date tags and for LMS to read the whole date as in dd/mm/yy and order on date accordingly.