My Squeezebox Touch suddenly started acting up and I could use some assistance determining the cause. Some symptoms:
1) While playing a track and changing the position within the track (either via the screen or web controller) the audio and player stops. It's almost like it hangs but I can press the back button to get to the menu.
2) Sometimes the player will not proceed to the next track. I cannot determine a pattern to which tracks will advance and which won't.
3) Album art doesn't load on some albums.

I thought perhaps this was a connection issue, but it's had the same setup for years without an issue and the signal strength in the settings is strong (98%). I run LMS 7.9.1 on a separate server and I thought it might have something to do on that end, that an update somehow broke part of the software, but I can stream to my phone without any problems whatsoever (Using SqueezePlayer). Also, the album art loads just fine via the web controller so current signs all point to the problem with the Touch. I can also stream music online without an issue, but maybe this type of decoding is different?

The firmware on the Touch is 7.8.0-r16754 which I believe is the most current. I've tried the restore to factory defaults with no change in status.

Any ideas?