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    setting up LMS on Linux Lite

    Hello all

    Bought an HP microserver to use as a low powered NAS and LMS server.

    Using the instructions here for getting 7.92 http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Debian_Package and I get an error. When I go to this URL http://www.mysqueezebox.com/update/?version=7.9.2&revision=1&geturl=1&os=deb$os" it appears empty.

    I have tried downloading and install the package via a package install manager but LMS never seems to install.

    I am a Linux newbie so any advice appreciated. Happy to post any more info as needed.

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    setting up LMS on Linux Lite

    > http://www.mysqueezebox.com/update/?version=7.9.2&revision=1&geturl=1&os=deb$os"

    remove the "$os" from the end of the URL



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