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    WEB Ui from a different (local) computer

    In the course of debugging my attempt to set up Spicefly/Sugarcube and Music IP, I'm trying to access the Web UI for LMS from a different computer. I have a computer dedicated with LMS and other media stuff, connected to my TV.

    I'm trying to debug things from my lap top, also on my local net.

    I can get the WEB UI up on the Lap Top (only partially) by navigating to HOSTNAME:9000. I get the right side of the web UI display with player specific data, but can't get the left side of the WEB UI with server stuff.

    If however, I get on the same computer running LMS, both sides of display appear.

    I could not sort through all the remote connection instructions to find what I may need to do if I were trying to access the WEB UI remote from my local net.

    Any quick ideas what I need to do?
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