Like many on here I guess, I regularly trawl eBay for used Squeezebox hardware. I'm pretty sure that the number of items for sale has increased quite significantly in recent months. Is it just me?

Booms in good condition are still fetching good money, but sad-to-say, most other devices seem to be losing value quite quickly. It makes the BNIB Touch that I bought for emergencies when they went out of production seem like an unwise purchase (especially since I've retired my main Touch in favour of a Raspberry Pi and a Joggler screen)!

I've even managed to bag a SLIMP3 today for silly money - I've wanted one of those for a long time, and there seemed to be little competition for this particular one.

So is this a golden period for Squeezebox fans looking to stock up, or the beginning of the end for the traditional hardware? Discuss :-)