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    Khadas Tone Board

    I donĺt know if there is a dedicated thread for KTB.
    I have seen it mentioned in some other threads and since there is some time now I am considering buying it I would like to hear some comments about it.
    It will be used as a complementary dac.

    Are there any compatibility issues with piCore player?

    Any comments are welcome!

    Main system: Synology DS115j/RPi4B4GB(LMS)/RPi3B+[LnrPS](S.lite)/RME ADI-2 DAC fs/Densen DM20&30/Spendor SP2/3E
    Head-Fi: Sennheiser HD600 & HD25Alum/Audeze Sine.
    Aditional HW: Allo DigiOne, iFi iDefender, iPurifier, iPower

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    Hi, I use my KTB between an Allo Digione spdif on raspberrypi3 running PiCorePlayer 6.10, and amp: no issues at all. Quite happy with it.

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    As of about 15 minutes ago I'm using a Khadas Tone Board in the Audiophonics aluminium case via USB with a wired Pi4 and piCorePlayer 6.

    The Pi4 is housed in a Lincoln Binns Pro Case - which contains a daughter board that moves all the inpout/outputs to a single face of the Pi.

    The two are moving into my Living Room shortly to replace an SB3 so needs a high WAF.

    Pictured below (top -> down)
    Khadas Tone Board
    Pi4 in Lincoln Binns Pro Case
    Pi3 in Lincoln Binns Pro Case

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    VB2.4 storage QNAP TS419p (NFS)
    Living Room Joggler & Pi4/Khadas -> Onkyo TXNR686 -> Celestion F20s
    Office Joggler & Pi3 -> Denon RCD N8 -> Celestion F10s
    Dining Room SB Radio
    Bedroom (Bedside) Pi Zero+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
    Bedroom (TV) & Bathroom SB Touch ->Denon AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s + Kef ceiling speakers
    Guest Room Joggler > Topping Amp -> Wharfedale Modus Cubes

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