Recently one of my streaming stations quit playing. The server connects and stays connected, shows the correct bitrate, but there is no sound. All of my other stations play properly. LMS is a recent 7.9.2 nightly running on Debian Stretch on a Kirkwood SOC box. Players are Squeezelite on Debian on Pogo Plugs. Same situation on both players and same on my previous 7.8 server on the famous Squeeze on Arch on a PogoPlug. I set the logging to info for the streaming components (as far as I can tell) but I can't discern a difference between a stream that plays and the one that does not. The URL for the stream plays properly in VLC and in a browser tab on both Chrome and Opera. And their app plays on an IOS device.

The stream is 48 kbs MP3 which seems a pretty low bitrate for music.

The station is Northwest Public Broadcasting/Radio from Washington state. The URL is

I have contacted the station and they did not immediately ID a problem. Since the URL plays, they are not highly motivated, I think.

Is there an app to view the stream to see if there is something there? Wireshark?

Thoughts anyone?