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    Gawd, S...B.. - just bl%&dy well work will you? Fed up with this unreliability.

    hello Shoppers,

    I have 3 Squeeze Box radios - 2 of which are second hand. All of em work fine for a while and all of em get in a mood from time to time without apparent warning and wont play . One of them is playing fine as I write this and another on the same house wifi network is not . I have to then endlessly mess around with resetting/reselecting wifi connection , factory resets, unplugging/replugging power (yes dodgy power cable plugin/socket connection issues as well), going to Logitech Mediaserver (big Swiss help NOT) site on laptop and clicking on login as "administrator"(?) and get mostly ...nowhere . I don't like wasting all this time with them (these S...Boxes) as if they were classic cars needing constant TLC or something. Frankly out of frustration consider drop kicking all of em (SBs) and just go back to using Tunein Radio off an old mobile hooked up with a PBH to audio cable on to the speaker/s.

    So much for the rant there and threatening throw all my toys out of the pram (I just had to vent). Anyway , anybody have a relatively simple low stress suggestion quick fix and/or tip on how to get these Boxes to be a bit more reliable ? I expect after several hours of messing around it will work once again.

    Thanks in advance

    ps. Info update ; Just brought the 2 boxes together side by side to compare real time settings. Have swapped power cables and then neither of em would even light up anymore. @ half an hour later both decided to switch on again and lit up. One worked normally with station presets etc while the other (not working one) I reset the wifi, and then selected Factory "Staff Picks" which it did accept and play. I then selected one of my presets (BBC 4) and it also played that as well as all the my other presets. That is interesting because I had previously selected Factory reset which I imagined by default would have erased all user presets(?). Anyway for time being crisis over. At least I got the rant out of the way.

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    Are you streaming to them via a local instance of LMS or through only mysqueezebox.com? Is the LMS server on a computer that is wired to your network via ethernet or is it WIFI connected? If local LMS, do you get the same problems if streaming your own music files. Hard to say what your problem may be. My first guess is a networking issue. I think you said all are on WIFI. Make sure that you don't have your router using any sort of "smart" settings where the WIFI channel may be changing. Use a fixed WIFI channel in your router, and best to use either 1, 6, or 11 (as these don't overlap with adjacent channels). You can use any number of free apps to see how many users are on these channels nearby. Pick a channel with either no nearby users, or ones that report very low strength (i.e., they are farther away). Just google "wifi channel detector".

    Assuming a radio is not actually broken, these things should work without effort or tinkering. I have two radios in use and they simply work. One I use at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it's powered on 24/7. I haven't done anything at all with it or its settings for at least 5 years. It just works.
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