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    Just picked up Duet (Receiver + Controller) ... works great

    Someone was giving one away so I have had my hands on a Receiver for the first time (have had a Controller before).

    Given that I had to go through a reset procedure rather than a new model from the factory ... I was impressed with how easy it was to get them both connected to the WiFi network and then up and running.
    I know that people have had problems with devices dying and having to use other tools to reset things but the fact that it all still works after so many years is a testament to the endeavours of the original teams.

    Playing back through the Controller is fun as well.
    Paul Webster
    Author Radio France (FIP etc) plugin

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    I enjoy mine too

    I have had very few problems with my Duets. And the DAC sounds fairly good. I run mine wired though. I have tried it wireless and can't remember significant problems but just prefer to run all my audio devices wired.
    I remember reading all the connectivity problems people had when I first started reading this forum. I guess some people still have 'em. But the Duet system is pretty neat.
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