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    search.html gives no results

    I see a strange behaviour on ONE of my 4 LMS-installations (on different computers/servers).

    3 of them work fine - on the 4th one:

    The search box (the magnifying glass symbol) - afaik linking to "search.html" - gives NO results, whatever I search for.
    The advanced search - linking to "advanced_search.html" - does find everything I expect to be found.

    On all servers I've installed the last nightly and I see this behaviour for two months now (and several updates) so it doesn't result from a special releaese.

    I don't see the reason - the only difference I see, the 3 "working" ones are running on Windows 10, the fourth one on Windows Server 2019. I could imagine a problem with relative paths/directorys or something like this, but I don't see the reason or any hint how to solve this...

    I see the same "strange" behaviour if I link squeezer from my Android smartphone to this installation. From the other 3 installations it gets fine results - from that 4the one it gets no result DESPITE genres! So If I search for "rock" it gives me "rock" and "rock n roll" as genre but no songs, albums or bands with "rock" in it...
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