Hi all

First post here and new to LMS

So i bought a pre built Hifi Berry DAC based PI off ebay intending to use it as an LMS server and player. People will question buying pre built but I have poor fine motor skills and this seemed like a good way into LMS.

Specs of the PI are as follows:

Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 - hardware revision 000F

The DAC is the original Hifi Berry DAC and as an aside it came with Volumio pre installed but I chucked this anyway.

so my intention was to run both LMS and Pi core player on the Pi but it was just far to slow to operate.

After much learning and playing around I have now got LMS 7.92 installed on my Windows 10 Desktop

Orangesqueeze can see my PI and I can see that tracks are playing without error. However I am getting no sound from my amp (connected via RCA)

I have treble checked connections. The logs on Pi core player look ok (passably techie but not sure what I am looking at)

Are there any other tests I could do or am I best just unscrewing the device and checking connections? (I can get people to help but they are less techie than me)

I've made sure the output mode in Pi Core player is set to analogue audio and also emptied the output settings field under Asound and still no joy!

Any advice welcome and if I have missed any info that would be useful please say.