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    Quote Originally Posted by paul- View Post
    That card is still supported it is a PCM5102a based dac. Please start with a fresh pCP5.0.0 regular image, or even better a 6.0.0-b5.

    The driver you want to use is "Hifiberry DAC Zero/MiniAMP", Make sure you select that option, then reboot.

    Upon reboot, is squeezelite running?
    Try to play something, Is squeezelite still running?
    On the Squeezelite page, There is a button called "Card Control" right under the card selection box, go there, and make sure the volume slider is set to 0DB.

    Next steps would be to look at the Diagnostics page....scroll down to the section marked "dmesg" Then scroll to the bottom of that box, there should be some lines mentioning hifiberry, can you cut at paste what you see there (Better to get some extra lines, rather than leave something out.)
    Thanks Paul
    really helpful post.
    Will try all your suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmr_slimdevices View Post
    Thanks Paul
    really helpful post.
    Will try all your suggestions.

    Just a note to say I finally have this working - so thanks to all who posted and especially Paul.

    I would just add that pcp 6.0 would never retain my wifi details. No issue with 5. Possible bug?

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    Anything is possible, but I test wifi often. Perhaps if you get time, you could post some info in the 6.0.0 thread.
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