Since some 'early adopters' may be getting their hands on a SqueezeAMP right about now, I thought I'd post some basic assembly instructions. It's probably fairly obvious, but there are some steps that make it a bit easier.

Firstly the classic 'orthogonal views' image, to get all the parts the right way round:

Then some 3D renders:

Then some assembly photos.

Step 1: Put the bolts through and wind the nuts on until the end of the bolt is flush.

Step 2: Assemble the top, bottom, and two sides.

Step 3: Put the front on, by offsetting it slightly to one side first. This works better than trying to splay the bolts apart. This technique doesn’t work on the front if the PCB is already inserted (there isn’t room beside the toslink and DC sockets) so leave the PCB until the next step.

Step 4: Do the bolts up so that the front is captive, but don’t do them up fully. Ease the sides apart so that the PCB can be inserted. The Toslink socket is a snug fit. Then close the sides again. The 3.5mm socket is also quite a snug fit.

Step 5: Put the back on with the same technique as the front - offset it then push it sideways. Gently tighten the bolts.