I've searched the forum for terms like "iTunes", "MacOS", and "Catalina", but can't seem to find anything about this - as of the forthcoming release of MacOS 10.15 "Catalina", Apple's going to be dispensing with iTunes, replacing it with a "Music" app modeled after the one in iOS.

Has anyone been trying this out in the beta of Catalina? Does it mess with the way LMS has been interacting with iTunes for years (scanning files organized by iTunes, and reading iTunes playlists)? I've been using iTunes as a way to rip and organize my library of music for a decade or so, then using LMS to serve it to various Squeezebox devices around the house, and if that's all going to break with OS 10.15 I may have to think long and hard about having a separate iTunes & LMS server. Or I might finally bite the bullet and switch to a Sonos system, but that's major chunk of change, esp. given the number of Squeezeboxen I have.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can share their experiences.