I've had a number of squeezebox hardware players for some years. Luckily for me they have shown no problems that a firmware reset didn't seem to fix. However I was looking gloomily at the possbility of having to replace them, and the extravegant and high prices solutions like Sonos seemed to offer.

I came across lots of Squeezebox advice, and ended up following the instruction for setting up piCorePlayer on a pi. Kudos to all; in one shot the whole thing worked well, including a wireless setup without a wired network connection (who has a handy LAN point these days??).

So I just thought I'd post a thank you. I'm even surprised at the audio quality out of the analogue phone jack. I don't need a super hifi solution for my use case, but I was surprised listening on my headphones at how reasonble the sound is from the naked pi (using a 3 b+). I'm going to be hooking it up to a power amp in the next fwe days to see how it holds up. If I end up needed some sort of DAC device or resorting to the hdmi output, it's still been good value.

Keep it coming folks.